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An Industry First in Benchmarking Supplemental Health Plans

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Through our ability to envision how existing solutions can be reimagined, Employees First has created a new model of opportunity for employers.  

A Better Way Forward


Employees First has created a revolutionary offering in the employer benefits space. Through a transparent model, we put dollars back into benefits that elevate employees overall wellbeing. In an era where rising costs of healthcare benefits have essentially countered annual raises, our solution couldn't come at a better time. When it matters more than ever, we put employees first.

Independent   |   Transparent   |   Fully Disclosed


If you could find millions of dollars in untapped savings to use toward expanding employee benefits, wouldn’t you?


We may have found that money for you.

Employees First’s new program model gives large employers uncoupled access to dollars that can elevate benefits, that previously were committed to profit margins. And maybe more importantly, were not within the line-of-sight of the plan fiduciary.  

Optimize Your Benefits

"Found" dollars can be redirected to elevate your benefit options

Access To More Options

Our E1 Benefits Marketplace™ offers a variety of popular benefits

An Experienced Team

Industry expertise with a proven record of innovation and positive disruption

We're Here To Serve

Reach out today to learn more about our new benefits revoluton

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