Championing Independence. Clients have access to a robust menu of our market-first, proprietary tools, programs and methods.  

E1 Workforce Aggregated Financial Health Report (E1 WAFR™)

A Market First in Assessing Employee Financial Health. Are your employees financial fit, fair or frail?  Our proprietary method for assessing your employees' financial health.  We correlate financial frailty to specific cost drivers that impact YOUR bottom line, like high medical claims, absenteeism, turnover and more. Upon request, our clients have access to an annual E1 WAFR™ report as a part of our service.

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E1 Supplemental Health Optimizer (E1 SHOp™)

Data-Driven, Actuarial-Weighted Plan Analysis. A detailed, customized supplemental health plan benefit valuation report that accounts for your population demographics with your supplemental health plan designs -  against the backdrop of claim records from over 40 million health plan members and actuarial-verified formulas. 

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E1 Estimator™

Thoughtful Planning. The web-based E1 Estimator™ was developed to assist our clients in the selection process of the E1 Benefits Emporium™.  

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E1 PreVue™

Drive your Decisions by Viewing Prevalence Data. Our clients have perpetual access to view benchmarking and supplemental health plan claims data from a curated database of over 40 million patient records, collected from the largest national data lake of health plan claims.  

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Our Proprietary Tools